!Keep cautious about these hazardous foods

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!Keep cautious about these hazardous foods.

Having bad food and recklessly are reasons beyond cancer…

Cancer refers to a modern type of disease with no clear treatment yet at the moment. American research center for supporting the issue asserted as follows’;

There are a variety of reasons giving rise to cancer including, genetics, lifestyle, having alcohol, smoking, environment, chemical infections.

But, two of the reasons are far more prominent than the rest as lack of enough exercising and improper use of foods

. There are 8 top unnecessary types of food to have including,

First, sugar and baked ones.

OTTO WARBURY has proved in 1931 that sugar is the principal source for enhancing carcinomatous cells.

Second, canned meat

In a research finding, it has been found out by HAWAII university that canned meant is increasing the possibility to get PANCREATIC cancer by 67% rate.  For this reason, it has been fully recommended to have fresh meat than any other in advanced processed ones.  

Third, farm-raised fish

Since the fish is fed ANTIBIOTIC and PESTICIDES, it has been proved that these substances are bad for health and they become immune weakening factor Organic fish is an alternative.

Fourth, having salty or smoky foods

Again, this type of dish is not recommended because of cancer infections danger.

Fifth, hydrogenated vegetable oil

This sort of making oil is far more emphasized to stay away from it as it helps grow cancerous disease.

Sixth, Crisps.

This product has an abiding disadvantage to our health. First, as the slices are fried in hydrogenated oil, which has been mention in point number five,  second it enables to put on further weight if eaten continuously. As a result, it paves the way for blood pressure and creating ACRYLAMIDE substance in the body.  

Seventh, microwaved processed food.

Foods being refreshed in a microwave is by no means advisable to follow. Foods made by it such as popcorns could be a source for collecting PFOA, the PERFLUOROOCTANOIC ACID that can consequently cause to infect breast, prostate, kidney, and liver cancer. 

eighth, white flour

It has GLYCEMIC INDEX which is a source for enabling cancerous cells to grow as the substance has lost its good ingredients like carbohydrates, fibers and conversely, it has more sugar in it.

To me, and besides what has been just mentioned above, there could still be some additional points to take into account. First, all the life stocks which are raised by giving unnatural substances locally are not advisable to eat. Second, the food sources that are served in the USA are all of the high qualities and checked for GMO manufacturing before given to the customers, in contrast, what is imported and served here are unlike to be of that standard, so please refrain from such types of foods even if produced well.

Third, you need to be careful about keeping your stuff for sometimes because of possible interaction with other substance

Asst Prof Dr. Yusuf Barzinji

The Dean


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