English Language Department


English Language Department
This department is also one of the pillars of the institute and its debut was in 2017-2018. The aim beyond the department is to teach, train and enable our dear students to consequently get attuned to English language skills as reading, writing, listening and speaking. For this purpose, a well-defined staff and modules are brought forward to be taught and covered with intensive practical endeavors. As English is an international language, our dear students need to come up with language proficiency that can, after all, enable them to use it outside the campus and due to it gain a living.
Studying lasts for two years as well. Graduates are awarded Diploma in the English language. Graduates from both branches scientific and literary can apply for this department. No matter what age are you or what grade you got, you can still enroll!

The tuition fee is 1.800.000 ID and is paid in five separate installments.

The top first student is exempt from 75% of the payment, whereas the second from 50% and the third from 25%.