Business and administration department


Business and administration department

This faculty is one of the necessities ones in our everyday occupational life. It was for the first time launched in 2017-2018 by an authorization mandate from Ministry of Higher Education. In this department, the students are taught about the most fundamental basics of business and administration and they will all get attuned to terms and concepts of administration and how to cope with the foundations.

Likewise other departments, Studying lasts for two years as well. Graduates are awarded Diploma in business and administration. Graduates from both branches scientific and literary, high school, can apply for this department. No matter what age are you or what grade you got, you can still enroll.  

The tuition fee is 1.800.000 ID and is paid in five separate installments.

The top first student is exempt from 75% of the payment, whereas the second from 50% and the third from 25%.