About Paitaxt


The institute was formally granted authorization to launch on November, 23rd , 2015, by the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research. There are different majors of its own as Accounting, IT and Networking, English, Agriculture Extension, Business and Administration and Pharmacology. Attending classes lasts mandatorily for two years and successful graduates are consequently awarded Diploma Degree in special majors.   


The institute, by itself, is a nongovernmental, unaffiliated, independent foundation. It is our ultimate, unceasing intention to do our best and serve according to the highest standards locally and internationally available.     


The institute was founded based on several values including providing a wonderful academic atmosphere on campus to study.  Additionally, students are always urged to step forward and fully motivated to unmask their potentials as to achieve high performances. Therefore, our students will turn into successful figures in their tomorrow’s carrier and eventually gain sociable, practical, positive traits in internal and external societies.


Moreover, the foundation takes into consideration out students’ cognitive and beahviouristc needs and provide all of the services thanks to giving seminars, presentations, holding meetings, introducing parties, commencement graduation..etc. it also enables to do researches and go on field trips to any surrounding institutions.

Besides, it is the institute’s principal aim to strengthen students’ physical and mental aptitudes through leading tournaments, festivals, and other versatile events.


To be independent guarantees our success in education. For this reason, it never gives rise to racism, egoism, gender abuse, inequality and/or any other forms of misusing terms.


Address; Hawler, Shadi Qr., behind West Emergency Hospital.  


Paytakht technical private institute


Within sustainable development and plan, during 2015-2016, two other more departments opened towards receiving students like Accounting and IT and Networking followed by Agriculture extension. Our institute provides fabulous facilities and on-ground services to our dear students including, field tripping, giving seminars, induction ceremony, graduation commencement and several other events. Regardless of many facilities, the top students are also exempt from full study tuition to 50%. Furthermore, the top students are granted study scholarships out of the country.


Institute Anthem 

Paytakht….O teaching shelter, triumph route

Paytakht……the home of raising and education

Thanks to you we are at our ease

You’ve achieved your dread, Thanks Paytakht institute

I have gained my degree and carried out my wishes

Paytakht taught me how to achieve my tomorrow’s goals

Paytakht….O teaching shelter, triumph route

Paytakht……the home of raising and education