Ministry Rules


  • As per the terms and conditions of MOHE, our institute will receive graduates of high schools including, scientific, literary and vocational branches.
  • Two-year enrollment.
  • Evening and morning classes exist.
  • grade conditions:
    • No grade conditions for high school graduates, as scientific and literary branches. 
    • Applicants for pharmacology department must be graduates form scientific branch and got grades not less than 65
    • Applicants of vocational branches must have not less than 55 regardless of commercial branches that must have more than 53 for Accounting department.
  • Dorms are allocated for boys and girls separately.
  • The three top students, at any department, are exempt from tuition fees at some rate.
  • Tuition fees get paid in Five installments.
  • In case a couple form an immediate family apply, there will be 50% discount on the payment for one of them.
  • Generations of Martyrs and former political prisoners can apply and study free of charge.